Google May Not Remember the Microsoft Anti-Trust Case

Google is going to put ad blocking in Chrome. That’s great, right! Everybody hates ads. Wait, Google makes most of it’s money selling ads. OOooooohhh. Chrome will still show Google ads and give everybody else the finger. Makes sense for Google. But it also reminds me of that time that Microsoft used Internet Explorer to beat the competition to a pulp. If only somebody knew the history there.

The hell is wrong with you Google, search for “Microsoft anti-trust” and do some reading!

Trump Administration Addicted to Undo

It’s not like it’s a new thing that lobbying moves Washington. Get ready for a bunch of things that protected people and the environment to get rolled back.

Trump signed an executive order requiring that many agencies eliminate two regulations for each new one they propose and that these changes entail no increased cost.

Because that sounds like a nice arbitrary number will no actual give a fuck behind it…

The hell is wrong with us?

Haley Barbour is a Reasonable Person

He also doesn’t seem to hate poor people and thinks that a number of programs currently on the potential chopping block are *gasp* good government programs.

President Trump probably doesn’t know what they are, what they do, and is generally leading the charge to shut programs like this down. Presumably because he hates poor people.

Which is just one of many the hells is wrong with Trump!